Mao Xiang cake, with its unique texture and delicious taste, is a specialty of the southern Anhui region in China. Mao Xiang, also known as Artemisia rupestris, is referred to differently in various places; some call it Qingming vegetable, others call it Tianai, and some simply call it Mao Xiang.

The stems and leaves of Mao Xiang are used in traditional medicine for their effectiveness in treating coughs, eliminating phlegm, relieving asthma and bronchitis, and non-infectious ulcers. However, more commonly, people consider it a delicacy. Mao Xiang emits a faint fragrance with a hint of sweetness, which is very enticing. Before long, the fragrance permeates one’s fingertips and hands, making it very pleasant.

Mao Xiang cake is deliciously sweet and aromatic. Now let’s take a look at how Mao Xiang cake is made.


1.Harvesting Mao Xiang typically requires manual labor as it is usually found on mountainsides.

2.After harvesting Mao Xiang, it needs to be carefully sorted to remove any debris such as grass and old leaves.

3.Clean the Mao Xiang by washing it thoroughly with clean water.

4.Use your hands to knead and squeeze out the juice inside, as otherwise, it may have a bitter taste when eaten. Then, chop it with a knife or grind it finely using a stone mortar and pestle; both methods yield the same result.


5.Mix the processed Mao Xiang with finely chopped cooked cured pork, and blend them evenly with glutinous rice flour and rice flour. The ratio of flour to ingredients can vary depending on personal preference. Keep mixing until the dough reaches a moderate softness and firmness, indicating that it’s well kneaded.


6.Take appropriate-sized portions of dough directly from the dough, which can be shaped into various forms. Use your hands to squeeze them into round, flat shapes. Place them in a pot with water, and cook the Mao Xiang cakes over a fire until they are done.


7.After about 10 minutes or so, the fragrance of the Mao Xiang cakes will fill the entire kitchen. Patience is required as you wait for some time, and then the Mao Xiang cakes will be ready to be served.